Your first meeting

Before you commit to anything, we will happily discuss your situation on a free, no obligation basis, by telephone.

However, it is only when you meet one of our solicitors face to face that we can begin to understand your situation and fully explain your options to you.

At your first meeting, we shall:-

  • ask you to explain what the issues are
  • clarify what you want to achieve
  • outline to you our advice
  • explain your options and the likely procedure involved
  • indicate what the likely costs are
  • agree with you how you wish to proceed

Typically, your first meeting will last two hours – sometimes it can be longer, depending upon the complexity of your matter and whether any urgent steps need to be taken. We offer a fixed fee for an initial meeting.

After your meeting you will have a full understanding of your options and will have a clearer insight on how best to proceed in order to resolve your difficulties.

At your first appointment, you will be required to bring identification.


  • your passport or photocard driving licence; and
  • a recent bank statement or utility bill.

We’re confident in our advice – you will be too.

Please contact us on 0117 925 9539 or by email to discuss your situation on a free, confidential and no obligation basis.